This document is a description of general rules about the ChanceForU program. The goal is to give opportunity of learning new things and gaining new skills. We do believe this program will be beneficial for both Participants and Volvo.

This program gives unique opportunity for people from foreign countries to develop new set of skills in friendly environment, with constant support of trainers and mentors from Volvo. Participants can test themselves in various tasks in two areas: IT and HR. The program is designed to ease the start of new professional carrier in Poland. There is also possibility of permanent employment after the program.

1) Definitions

a. Employer – Volvo Polska Sp. Z o.o.
b. Participant – person with the rights to stay and work in Poland, with English language at least B1 level
c. Trainer/mentor – Volvo employee who is conducting trainings, workshops or/and is assigned as guide to Participant
d. Coordinator – Volvo employee responsible for coordination of the Change for U program or its part

2) Organization

a. Timeplan
b. Contract – all participants sign the civil law contract with Volvo Polska Sp z o.o. Since the tasks are performed with company and/or personal data all participants are bound by secrecy. Persons working with personal data need to receive separate agreement.
c. Payment – participants are receiving hourly calculated payment for performed work. Decision about the amount of payment is to be decided in each area.

3) Preparations

Preparations for the program do not replace the regular work. Due to that Participants should not be treated as regular Volvo employees. They can not be a source of employees for simple, repetitive tasks. Before the program starts some preparations are required:
– Define the needs and possibilities within the team
– Choice of Mentor in the team
– Define the candidate profile
– Prepare detailed description of program in the specific department

4) Program

a. All interested persons can apply by dedicated page in Volvo Recruitment System (VRO)
b. Selection will take place though review of received applications and preliminary interviews
c. Chosen candidate will be invited to take part in trainings about Volvo and available positions. This will be the opportunity to learn new things and chance for Participants to review their willingness to continue in selected field.
d. At next steps all participants will be assigned to respective teams and mentors. At this point the contract will be signed.
e. During all the period of program trainings and sessions with mentors will be continued to assure the constant development and care.